Why would I want green design on my building?

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What Is the Denver Green Roof Initiative and Green Building Initiative?

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What is a green roof?

Also known as a living roof, it is a green space on top of a manmade structure. It’s a roof covered with vegetation, growing medium (engineered soil) and a waterproof membrane. These rooftop gardens range from succulents, grass, flowers to large trees.

How much does a green roof cost?

EPA estimates the cost of a green roof is $10-25/sq. ft. Although the initial upfront cost may be higher, green roofs can have a payback of 6.5 years.

What is the best green design for my building?

Schedule a consultation, so you can explain your project, goals and budget. Then we can give you personalized menu of best green design options for your project.

Which green design provides the best benefits?

It depends on your design goals. Every project differs based on your needs, the building, climate and other factors. We can take care of all the details once we see your space!