It’s been said that in order to be an expert in something you must spend 10,000 hours learning or perfecting your skill. As we mentioned previously in our Green Building Pre-Installation article, many different disciplines need to come together for a green building project, and no one person can really do them all. We thought it might be helpful to break down who you might need on board, especially if you need to comply with Denver’s newest Green Building Ordinance.

Structural Engineer

Whether for new or existing buildings, hiring a structural engineer will help you not only determine if complying with the Green Building Ordinance is even feasible, but will also help narrow the scope of your project by advising you on what is possible. Especially in the case of a vegetative roof or on-site solar project, you’ll need a structural engineer to ensure that your roofs weight capacity is capable of handling the demands of the projects.

Landscaping Designer/Living Design Architect

If the compliance option you’ve selected involves vegetative roofs, walls, or green spaces, then you’ll need to hire a landscaping or living architecture expert. These folks understand how to transform both indoor and outdoor spaces into lush landscapes that not only provide ecological benefits but practical ones as well. They also make sure the designs are suitable for the local climate and soil so that the project is less likely to fail over time.

Electrical Engineer/Contractor

If your focus is on-site renewables or overall energy efficiency of the building, you might need to hire an electrical engineer or an electrical contractor to oversee the buildings electrical input and output. This would include any energy production as well as measures to reduce energy consumption such as LED lighting, timers, advanced HVAC systems, Energy Star appliances, and so on.

Roofing Contractor

Since the new ordinance now requires new and existing buildings to install a cool roof of some kind, you will ultimately need a roofing contractor (or another available contractor with roofing experience) to work with. This will also be true in the event that you decide to install a vegetative roof or on-site solar to be located on the roof (or terrace).

Green Building Consultant

Not sure exactly who to hire and when? A Green Building Consultant can help you organize your team and find high-quality talent in all the green building sub-sectors. They can also help you find talent that is local and experienced with building in the Denver area and find people who know what native plants grow best on a roof in our quirky Colorado climate.

Sow Green is a Green Building Consultant company that wants to help you find the right people you’ll need to get on board with your next development project. We have years of experience in bringing people together and building more sustainable communities. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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